Amuseables Pretzel

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Freckly, friendly and fresh from the bakery, Amuseables Pretzel is knotty but nice! This squishy silly is golden brown, with cocoa cord boots and stitchy salt speckles! Huggy and hearty - a brilliant breakfast buddy!
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    5 (23 Reviews) Write a Review

    • “An Absolute Delight”

      By Minnie, Mar 11th 2024

      So cute and salty! i named him Paul.(would recommend name). he is fluffy and realistic and i love his cute smiling face that brightens my day:) A great jelly cat and if you’re stuck choosing a cuddly smiley friend, i would recommend this!

    • “Twisty And Cute!”

      By Chloe, Feb 5th 2024

      Bought him today for only 30 dollars CAD!! So cute, trying to find a name

    • “The Yummy Detailed Pretzel”

      By Maddie, Jan 17th 2024

      She’s my best pal as a pretzel. So much details! Got her for my birthday!And also named her Pretzie, recommended if you ask! Thanks to those who make Jellycats!

    • “Sweet Salty Soulmate”

      By Zofia, Dec 10th 2023

      He’s my perfect pretzel pal. :)

    • “Customer Review”

      By Jellycat Customer, Jul 10th 2023

      My ickle pickle pwetzel is sooo cute and petite i totally recommend