Safety & Care

The safety of every product we make is of the utmost importance to us. We take the greatest care to make sure you and your children stay safe with our toys.



Every product we make is rigorously tested to British, American, European and Australian safety standards; they bear both the CE mark and UKCA mark as an indicator of passing these tests.


Age Suitability

In some instances we will attach an age suitability recommendation as safety guidance for specific products. This is marked on each individual product page on our website, where relevant and is also added to the label sewn into the product. Please read all labels and remove all packaging before giving a Jellycat product to a baby or child. We also recommend making a note of our address and retaining this information for future reference.


Washing and Care Instructions

Care instructions also feature on each product page of our website along with sewn in labelling on each individual product in the form of universal washing and care symbols.


Many of our products can be washed at 30 degrees in a washing machine. Some must be surface washed by hand. We do not recommend that any of our toys be put in a tumble dryer, nor should they be ironed and should not be dry cleaned.


Jellycat Safety and Care

Care for your Jellycat

We all need a little stretch after a journey, and our Jellycat toys are no exception.

Please follow these simple steps 

1. Give your Jellycat a good shake just to wake it up.


2. Very gently pull the limbs and massage into a pleasing shape.


3. Fluff the fur, or hair, as desired.

      (they absolutely love it).


4. Repeat, 1, 2 and 3 as required. 

      Share Joy!

Any questions, queries or concerns you may have about any Jellycat toy whether you can find it for sale on jellycat.comOpens link in new window. or you find it in one of our stockists storesOpens link in new window., please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

For any queries, please contact us via phone at 866-445-3559, or pop over an email to [email protected]Click on link to send emailOpens link in new window. where one of our friendly customer service team will be very happy to help.