How We Measure

Jellycat How We Measure

A Jellycat can come in all shapes and sizes; round or long, little or big, sitting up or lying down. 


To help you make the best decision about what size your chosen Jellycat is, here is some information to help you!


On each individual product page you will find dimensions which will provide you with the height, width and length of a product, always in that order.

Ears  and tails will not ever be included in a measurement.

Jellycat soft toys size guide

For many of our products, including our most loved Bashful Bunny, the height we measure from the top of the head to the back of the heel. For the length we measure the widest part of the product when seen from a side view and the width is also measured at the widest part of the product from the back view. 

You will also find on each page a reference to a product’s sitting height, where the legs have not been included in the measurement and indicates the height of the product sitting on a surface.

Bashful Bunny Measurement
Amuseables Measurement

Many of our products sit in the same way and are measured in the same way, including those products in our Amuseables Collection.

Some of our products are designed to sit or stand, like our favourite Dogs – Munro and Otto. These products are measured with height from the top of their head down to their feet, their width across the widest part of their body and their length from the furthest forward point to the base of their tail (their tails are not included in this length measurement). Their sitting measurement will be the same as their height.

Munro Scottie Dog and Otto Measurement
Jellycat Rose Dragon Measurement

Some of our most loved designs lay flat on their tummies, including our Scrumptious Dragons and Smudges. These and similar products are measured with their height as the highest part of their body, width is across the widest part of their body and their length is measured from the tip of their nose to the base of their tail; tails and/or legs are not included in this length measurement. Our Scrumptious Dragons are the exception where the length measurement does include to the point where the fully stuffed tail starts to curl around.

Some of our products have lovely long tentacles, these are measured for their height from the top of their head to the bottom of the lowest tentacle, without it being stretched out. The width and length measurements are taken from the main body of the product (not including any tentacles or legs) at it widest point. The sitting measurement on the product page is the main body height, without tentacles or legs.

Jellycat Maya Octopus Measurement